A style of photography that is growing rapidly in popularity is HDR Photography.


High Dynamic Range:

  To be defined, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is photography that captures a wider and more natural range of colors and intensities.

  This allows for photos to appear as the human eye actually sees them rather than only allowing a part of a photograph’s coloring to appear true.

Blend images of varied exposures, different focus point and diverse shades of brightness and contrast to fashion a natural looking image of your real estate property with superior dynamic range.


Importance of HDR Blending:


  High Dynamic Range Blending repairs the flaws which frequently occur when you capture the photographs of your property and buildings for sale in different lighting and temperature conditions, or shoot at different exposure values. Blending Images allows you to generate high quality, high dynamic range images by blending a sequence of images with varying quality, brightness and contrast.


  HDR Image Blending also lends depth of field to images shot with inconsistent focus point. As in the case of star trail or night photography, you can overcome the limitations of single frame and blend a series of images to create longer exposure.


Our Importance:

   In selling real estate, your images acquire paramount importance.
It is for this reason you often need to take a sequence of images of your property shot with different exposures, or under or uneven lighting conditions.

   With the help of blending images professionals Like us, you can manipulate your realty images taken of the same sight into a natural looking dynamic photo that gives you more depth and clarity.



Note: Send your trial images to our HDR Blending team and get free HDR Blending service from us.


Before Blending

 Before Blending

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