Image Masking

Image masking refers to a process of manipulating image pixels and background to enhance quality. Adobe Photoshop provides sophisticated features for Image masking and manipulation.

  For instance, the clipping path technique is purposely for extracting the image from the background pixels by creating a path around it.

  Photo masking technique used together with clipping path method can make image swapping between different background themes.

  Soft and hard edges of an image such as hair strands, furry clothes, dolls and any other object can be manipulated and customized to client preferences and taste.

  These images rendering facility is made possible courtesy of the unique photo masking and clipping path techniques.
These two techniques complement each other in image masking with clipping path technique purposely for a hard edge and photo masking for a soft edge category.


Types Of Masking We Do:

Layer Masking:

Layer masks can be used to redefine background transparency levels in shades of white, gray or black.
 These can be done for either a specific or grouped layers. These renderings are made possible with the help of a pen tablet.
 We price differently based on task complexity and time constraints.

Alpha channel Masking:

All objects separated from the background are saved, edited to conform to the required them using alpha channel masking.
 The photo file is then resized before uploading or downloading takes place.
 This method is suitable for single color background images.

Hair & Fur Masking:

Isolate hair & fur images from background pixel with the help of pen tablet for soft edge or any other tool.
 Photo masking works better than clipping path technique in achieving this.
 You can go ahead and edit the image to your preferred taste in terms of color, brightness, exposure, etc.

Refine Edge Masking:

Pick an image using the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop with the help of this facility.
 Apply Layer Mask of your choice and use the Radius tool to redefine the image edges to soft.
 This automatically renders the soft edge images making them not only to appear more natural but original as well.



Note: Send your trial images to our Image Masking team and get Image Masking service from us.





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